If you are looking to incorporate more natural options into your health and wellness or looking for suggestions for specific parts of your body Dr. Mercola’s natural health tips (below) is a great place to start. Learn more about some of the items below: Coconut Oil (brain) Natural cleaning product (lungs) Curcumin via turmeric (joints) [...]

School has started and cold season is upon us. Am I th only one who associates school with illness? Maybe it is because there was non-stop illness in our hours from September until December! Do you see your favorite natural cold remedies below? Where does it fall in the scale of effectiveness? I personally love [...]

Last winter I saw a friend posting that they were using oregano essential oil to treat their families for cold and flu symptoms. I wanted to do some research before flu season this year to search ways to protect our family. Oregano essential oil, Origanum Vulgare, has a powerful, camphor-like aroma. Oregano essential oil is [...]

The term “alternative medicine” often refers to Eastern medicine. If you have ever wanted to learn more about Eastern medicine verus Western medicine (conventional medicine in the US) the below resource is a great starting point. Learn more about other therapies: Complementary Therapy: Meditation Complementary Therapy: Cupping Complementary Therapy: Reflexology Complementary Therapy: Reiki Complementary Therapy: [...]

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