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27 Non-Toxic Recipes for DIY Cleaning – This is a great resource if you are looking to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your home. It is also handy in case you run out of your favorite cleaning item and want to make something with ingredients you have on hand rather than running to the store. We have also shared recipes for a DIY all purpose cleaning spray and food safe disinfectant wipes.

The Health Benefits of Meditation – This graphic provides step-by-step details on finding a comfortable meditative posture as well as steps to get started with meditation. If you don’t know where to start take a look at this resource.

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work – When working in an office environment I have often set timers to remind me to take breaks to get up from my desk and move around. Check out this resource if you need some ideas of some inconspicuous “activities” you can do around the office during a quick break.

Small Steps, Big Changes: Uncommon Wellness Tips – Reducing blood sugar, getting more rest, exercising, and reducing stress all have a measurable impact on your health. This graphic shares the impact on these wellness improvements have on your health.

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