Are you ready for the pollen apocalypse? Massage and allergy symptoms

lavender orchid from pollen season

How massage therapy can help can with allergy symptoms

You’ve probably seen the photos in your newsfeed of the yellow-green pollen cloud covering our region – named the pollpocalyptic cloud, the pollen apocalypse, and even pollmageddon.

Then again, you didn’t need photos to tell you that the pollen is worse this season – you allergies have already told you.

We can’t massage away the pollen cloud, but massage therapy can help alleviate some of your allergy symptoms and allergy-related muscle issues.

Massage can help relieve allergy miseries by:

  • Reducing your stress – reducing you body’s stress levels can help reduce allergic responses; stress can increase histamine levels which trigger allergic response.
  • Relaxing your muscles – massage can calm muscles that have become tense or over-used by excessive sneezing and coughing, specifically those in the neck, upper back, abdominal, and pectoral regions.
  • Loosening your mucus – back massage can help by loosening phlegm.
  • Encouraging lymphatic drainage – massaging the areas at or around the sinus cavities helps to relieve nasal congestion by encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Massage can’t cure your allergies, but can help reduce the misery and stress of the pollen apocalypse.

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