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Therapeutic Massage in Charlotte NC

Healing Touch Charlotte provides relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating licensed massage therapy treatments.

As we provide massage therapy services, we work with our clients to discover the cause of their pain, and then to alleviate that pain using the body’s own natural healing ability. To do this our therapists use techniques such as:

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Pain and illness can occur in the body for a variety of reasons. One major factor is stress, both internal and external, which can cause the body’s systems (especially the immune system) to become overworked. As a result, eventually these systems do not function as well as they should, so we experience pain and illness, which can easily lead to injuries and more ailments. Getting a massage at our massage clinic can help to provide relief for pain and injuries.

We encourage you to come see for yourself how massage therapy can relieve stress, chronic pain, and help relax the body so that you can begin the healing process. Our friendly staff and experienced and professional massage therapists will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated.

For more information on what Healing Touch Charlotte is doing for your safety regarding COVID-19, please see our COVID-19 Safety Precautions. To make an appointment to receive a therapeutic medical massage at Healing Touch Charlotte massage clinic with a licensed and experienced massage therapist, call (704) 996 – 1460.

Immediately after a massage, most people feel relaxed, but sometimes a little sore due to the natural effect that a massage has on the body. After most massages, endorphins are released into the body and bloodstream. This leaves most clients who receive a massage at Healing Touch Charlotte feeling relaxed and peaceful although at times the deep nature of the therapeutic massage may leave the client feeling a little sore like they have been through a good workout.

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