Massage Therapy

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I come across so much fun stuff online and wanted to share some great links. – This is an excellent infographic about the wonders and benefits of coconut oil. Infographic: Yoga for Starters – Namaste – This infographic provides information on different types of yoga as well as some basic poses and their benefits. University of [...]

If you are interested in aromatherapy the below is a great, basic resource to introduce you to aromatherapy and some oils to get you started. Want to learn more? Check these out: 10 Popular & Beneficial Aromatherapy Blends What is Aromatherapy? Complementary Therapy: Aromatherapy

If you are looking to incorporate more natural options into your health and wellness or looking for suggestions for specific parts of your body Dr. Mercola’s natural health tips (below) is a great place to start. Learn more about some of the items below: Coconut Oil (brain) Natural cleaning product (lungs) Curcumin via turmeric (joints) [...]

Headaches come in a variety of forms. They can often include neck pain or be triggered by tension so it is no surprise that massage and trigger point therapy are included on the list of remedies. Have you ever suffered from severe and/or recurring headaches or migraines? What is your preferred method(s) of treatment? . [...]

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