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As you may already know, today is officially Small Business Saturday, where the shopping public is encouraged to spend their holiday money at their local businesses. The team at Healing Touch Charlotte thought we’d do something different: thank the clients that have been coming to see us every day of the year. It’s because of [...]

You may have heard that one of Charlotte’s most popular greenways – McAlpine Greenway Park –  will be closed due to construction for two years beginning 2013. Since this is one of my wife’s favorite parks, we went to walk along its paths and take a few photographs this last Sunday, November 4. It was [...]

These the five most useful books in my healing library:  5 – Alternative Medicine, The definitive Guide by Burton Goldberg The book that I consider to be the 5th best and most used book in my collection of health and wellness related materials is this one. It lists over 200 health conditions and describes various therapies that can [...]

Healing Touch Charlotte is committed to wellness and natural health, which includes sharing information on natural foods. One way to ensure the quality of your food is to grow it yourself using organic gardening practices. For years I’ve envied my friend’s fantastic produce and her gardening expertise, and now she will be sharing her wisdom [...]

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