Improving posture while working is key to improving your health. Poor posture combined with prolonged sitting causes back pain, digestion problems, reduced circulation and difficulty breathing. If you notice these issues create a healthy office with regular stretching, a standing desk (to reduce amount of time sitting), and ergonomic office setup.

Back Pain 101

80% of American will experience back pain in their lifetime. Although there are some unavoidable causes of back pain, such as trauma, there are several avoidable causes of back pain. Bad posture Misalignment Weak core Inactivity The below graphic includes some back pain prevention tips for standing, sitting, and sleeping posture as well as exercise. [...]

If you have ever wondered about the science behind the “runners high” check out the graphic below. It explains our brain’s physiological response to exercise and the resulting stress relief. Since stress does all kinds of nasty things to our bodies and many of us suffer from “sitting disease” exercise is a crucial component to [...]

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