Keeping Healthy

Good posture is important to our health and function of our bodies. posted a list of 10 Ways to Have Great Posture as You Age that include: Open up (Stretch!) Easy exercises Sit straight Strengthen your core Say om Support your spine Lift weights Vitamin D Eat healthy Consider medication Read more here.

Healing Touch Charlotte is committed to wellness and natural health, which includes sharing information on natural foods. One way to ensure the quality of your food is to grow it yourself using organic gardening practices. For years I’ve envied my friend’s fantastic produce and her gardening expertise, and now she will be sharing her wisdom [...]

Are you in pain? This may help: Healing Touch Charlotte will be adding Orthopedic Massage to Its Services. I’m excited about this new offering. This October, I’m attending an educational retreat on orthopedic massage focused on the lower body. Clinical massage – which includes orthopedic massage – is a direction in massage that I have [...]

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