June is National Safety Month!  Healing Touch Charlotte is participating in safety awareness by sharing tips on ergonomics throughout June.

Ergonomics as defined by Medocinet:

Ergonomics: The science of making things fit people. Ergonomics uses knowledge from the fields of anatomy, mechanics, physiology, and psychology to utilize human energy most effectively. Something that is ergonomic is designed for safe, comfortable, and efficient use. For example, a computer keyboard with an ergonomic design is intended to help the user avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain.

This week’s tip is: MOVE

Don’t just sit there – move! Research shows that proper seated posture and movement throughout the workday “is critical to maintaining wellness—through everything from fewer repetitive motion injuries to reduced weight gain—fostering greater concentration and engagement and boosting productivity.”

Take a break and sit up! You’ll feel better and be more productive when you return to your desk.

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