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Swiss Ball vs Office Chair – Information to consider when considering switching your office chair for a Swiss (exercise) ball. I often use a Swiss ball in place of an office chair and find that I have improved posture when sitting for long periods. Be sure to get the correct size ball for your body while also considering your desk height. I tested out the different sized balls at the YMCA to see which was best for me,

3 Yoga Poses for Tight, Rounded Shoulders – We are on a roll with posture lately. Use these yoga poses to stretch tight, rounded shoulders so you can sit and stand straighter.

Essential Oils Healing Stick – I love the idea of applying an essential oil blend with a roller ball. This recipe has healing /antibacterial properties but the same concept could be applied to create a sleep formula or an alertness formula to apply on pressure points. Some roller ball bottler options can be found here and here.

The Best Yoga Podcasts – If you are a somewhat experienced yogi and familiar with most yoga poses (don’t need visual cues) these podcasts are a great way to get a no cost yoga class on-the-go. Lately, I have not had time to make it to a yoga class at the Y or in a studio and love an at home option. Another favorite is a video posted by Katie Levans a [former] yoga instructor and blogger here in Charlotte.

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