April is Stress Awareness Month

blue spring sky with white clouds

Absolutely stress-free sky

April is stress awareness month – held every April since 1992.

Stress can affect your health and well-being in several ways. Stressed people are more susceptible to:

  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • depression
  • a lowered immune system
  • insomnia

To alleviate the effects of stress, you can:

  • exercise – exercise and time spent outdoors can help reduce the effects and levels of stress, allowing you a break form indoor activities and providing a release of endorphins
  • meditate – meditating helps to quiet the stressful thoughts in your mind
  • unplug – just for a while, take a mini-vacation from your phone, tablet, computer, and TV
  • rest – yes, it’s difficult, but getting the proper amount of sleep lets your body regenerate its cells and repair itself

But it’s near the end of April – why tell us this now? Because stress won’t stop on April 30 – you can use these tips year-round.

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