Green Cleaning: All-Purpose Spray

Over recent years I have tried to reduce the number of chemicals in our home. Part of this effort has been an attempt to help the environment and part has been to minimize the available toxic chemicals for my increasingly curious child to find.

I have tested a few recipes and plan to share them here with you!

The first “recipe” is for an all-purpose cleaner that I often use on kitchen counters and in tubs and showers.

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup Dawn liquid dish soap
  • Favorite essential oils (optional)

Combine the white vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle. The mixture definitely smells like vinegar which is why I like to add essential oils. I love citrus-y cleaning products so I tend to use lemon or orange oils.

Since vinegar is naturally antibacterial this mixture is a food-safe (important when cleaning high chairs and kitchen counters), non-toxic cleaner.

When cleaning showers I have had the best success after letting the mixture sit for 30 minutes to an hour on tile/tub before wiping with a magic eraser type sponge.

Do you have any green cleaning tips to share?

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