Orthopedic Massage Coming to Healing Touch Charlotte, Inc.

Are you in pain? This may help: Healing Touch Charlotte will be adding Orthopedic Massage to Its Services.

I’m excited about this new offering. This October, I’m attending an educational retreat on orthopedic massage focused on the lower body. Clinical massage – which includes orthopedic massage – is a direction in massage that I have great respect for and intend to focus on. This course in October is only the beginning – it will lead to more knowledge about treating the entire body with orthopedic massage.

What exactly is orthopedic massage? My wife asked if that meant I would be specializing in foot massage. She had come to that conclusion because she’d heard of orthopedic shoes. Yes, feet are included, but orthopedic massage encompasses much more.

In the lower body, it often deals with low back pain, shin splints, knee injuries, sciatica, SI joint issues, piriformis syndrome, illotibial syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and nerve entrapment related pain. Orthopedic massage for the upper body can help with frozen shoulder syndrome, thoracic outlet issues, compressed discs, whiplash injuries, arthritis, and tech neck. In summation — it’s a form of pain management. I am excited that these new orthopedic and assessment strategies will help me to help my clients even more. We can all appreciate life with less pain!

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