May the Fourth be with You

May the Fourth be with You

Instead of our usual Tuesday new posting, I am creating this special post to commemorate May the Fourth. Yes, folks, I am a science fiction, fantasy, and comics fan. In other words – a nerd.

What better way to to celebrate this day than to discuss some of the body ergonomics of selected super heroes and SF icons?

First – Superman! 

The Man of Steel demonstrates excellent posture!

The Flash – 

While Flash has excellent coordination while running, I’ve chosen him to demonstrate a caveat about the dangers of repetitive motion: when Barry Allen, a.k.a. Flash has to use extreme vibration power to foil evil, it takes a toll on his body.  Fortunately, he has excellent powers of rejuvenation. You and I are mere mortals, so we need use proper ergonomics at our keyboards. And remember that massage can help alleviate “tech neck.”

Steve Austin, a.k.a., the Six Million Dollar Man (yes, I’m a child of the seventies).

Colonel Austin does *not* set a good example of ergonomics, or seem to follow the laws of physics. This is a pet peeve of mine: his arms and legs are bionic, but his back is *not.* when he’s shown lifting trains, cars, and even Bigfoot (yes!), his spine simply couldn’t take that stress!. It would collapse under that weight and pressure! I know, it’s just a show, but this annoyance was probably an indication that I would end up in a health-related field like massage therapy. 

Batman –

Apart from rigorous physical training and ergonomics, the Dark Knight uses something *extremely* important: quality protective gear! You don’t have to be a jet-setting millionaire to protect yourself with correct athletic gear!

Yoda – 

Surprised you are not this Jedi master is on my list. Nominated for good meditation practices!

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (of Babylon Five – I’m a big fan) –

I noticed that the actor (Michael O’Hare – love his work!) held one shoulder significantly higher than the other. I can’t help but notice the actors’ postures when I watch shows. A person’s posture and balance are great indicators of underlying muscular issues, many of which can be helped with massage. 

Kwai Chang Caine (Kung Fu / Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) – 

Caine demonstrates the proper was to carry a shoulder bag – across the body. In fact, he usually carried two bags one on each shoulder, both slung across his body.  I try to stress to my clients not to carry their purses or computer bags on one shoulder. I don’t want them to end up saying “what hump?” Marty Feldman style (Young Frankenstein). 

Gollum –

Nominated for bad posture. There is nothing *precious* about hunching over. 


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