Winter Walk

picture of hellebores plant with pink flower

by Gladys Hutson, Master Gardener

WOW….January 2013!! The world didn’t end and in fact is as beautiful as ever. Have you ever gone for a winter walk on a favorite trail, through your garden, in the woods? In colder climates, you probably could not do this, but in the Carolinas we have many quite warm winter days. January seems to be my favorite time to do this.  With the short days and less sunshine, I like to dress warm and get outside and enjoy the beauty of a mild winter day. You can see the full structure, bare bones of the trees and feel the crackle of leaves under your feet.

If you look close, you can already see the signs of spring. The buds on the trees look a little more swollen than a few weeks ago and if you have daffodils planted, you will see their heads poking above the ground.  There are other late winter plants blooming too. Hellebores, Witch Hazel, Camilla and Mahonia Japonica are all blooming in my yard.

picture of Mahonia plant

I’ve even seen evidence that the bees have woken up. On a sunny afternoon there are bees all lined up around the edge of the water in the bird bath. They are busily going in and out of the hive and there is yellow pollen all over their feet. They are out foraging in this beautiful Carolina weather, and if the bees are out, why not you? Give it a try one sunny afternoon. It will lift your spirits and give you a little extra Vitamin D at the same time.

Guest blogger Gladys Hutson is a Master Gardener and beekeeper in Union County, North Carolina.

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